Handmade, Versatile Clothing

Msasa Fahions is the home of creative, fun fashion pieces handmade by the founder, Tanya. From upcycled jackets to African print clothing that promises comfort! Oooooh did we mention bridal gowns? Keep scrolling…

One of a Kind Everything!!!

 Custom Made Bridal Gowns

We Are Taking Orders!

Shy away from the normal bridal gown & look into one that will never be forgotten! How?By simply weaving in prints and colour! Choose to walk down the isle in a work of art that tells stories of who you are and where you are from  We do this in two ways, taking your ‘normal’ bridal gown and transforming it with the use of Africans prints or making one for you from SCRATCH. Give us your vision and we will bring it to life. So go ahead and get in touch with Tanya. At Msasa Fashion, looking good is a lifestyle.


 You deserve to have a Hatt-on!

Currently making these on a per-order basis but worry not for the collection is on its way! Msasa Fashion handmakes each of these out of the South African Shweshwe. You can get these in all shapes and sizes too. Our hattons are perfect if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit or if you are having a bad hair day! Versatile fashion is what we pride ourselves in.


Black Hatton with African Print by Msasa Fashion

pick your own material

 Your look needs a tie to be complete…

Wait, that is incorrect. It needs a COLORFUL  African print tie to be complete. The Msasa Fashion tie & bow tie collection is coming to your wardrobes soon! These are perfect for any occasion, be it your wedding day or that important presentation at work you are going to smash. Whilst we are working on serving you the collection please do get in touch to place an order of these for yourself or your bridal team!   


African Print Bow ties by Msasa Fashion