About Us


Msasa Fashion is a clothing store based in the UK that was founded by Tanya Mackenzie. The idea was sparked by the vibrant colours she grew up with in Zimbabwe and her love for African Fabrics. The brand is named after the Msasa trees that scatter the bush veld with their ever changing colours that bring joy to every season. Msasa Fashion designs clothing that is versatile across every season but also comfortable, colourful, original and good quality. When you browse our site you will find Upcycled Jackets, Hottie Handlers, Skirts, Dresses, Hats, Ties, and Bridal Gowns all made in fun colorful African prints. Msasa Fashion is home to those who crave unique looks!


Take one boring looking piece of garment, add a little color and character to it and it becomes a piece of art. This is one of Msasa Fashion’s favourite things to put together because we believe that color comes with magic! Check out our Upcylced Jackets!


Every piece is designed with confidence for the confident. At Msasa Fashion we believe that every client should feel at home in their clothing and we put that in every garment we make.

Hand made

Tanya, the founder of Msasa Fashion, takes the time to carefully design each piece and bring the designs to life. Best believe that every order is made with love and that is our secret ingredient!

“Each unique design stands out and makes you feel you are not just part of the crowd ” – Tanya Mackenzie